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Helping People of the UK Build a Better Credit Score.

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Better Credit

We all want a better credit Score right?

Well lets start off with some simple steps and also understand how and why your credit score may be low or even bad, but do not worry because below we will show you exactly the steps you can take that will guarantee your credit score to jump up.

Improve your credit score

We will help you achieve a better score but first you will need to know your current credit score so you can work out what needs to be done. To undertand your score a bit more you can instantly find your credit score by using ClearScore they provide a completely free credit score report service.

Simple and useful methods

We point you in the right direction to help your score jump.

Enjoy a better Living

Now you have a better credit score keep using our up to date useful information to always keep on top of your credit score.

Vanquis Credit Card, for people with low credit

Use this link below to apply for a Vanquis Credit Card for people who have bad credit and also receive £25 added to your vanquis account after you have made your first transaction, if approved, this specific Vanquis card has a credit building feature.

Apply for a Vanquis Credit Card

Once you have your vanquis credit card this will add a record to your credit file at the end of the month you opened the account. You need to make sure you make each minimum payment every month succesfully failing to do so will have a negative effect on your credit file and also credit score. Learn more on how to keep a good healthy credit card.....

How about a Mobile Phone contract or a Sim only deal if your credit is really bad?

Mobile phone deals with a sim card....if you've been declined for a mobile phone contract then do not worry, as you should get accepted for a sim only deal contract if you have a bank account, the provider may then upgrade your contract to a mobile phone contract after the initial 12 month contract period.

Below are recommended links to apply for a contract phone or Mobile Broadband contract with the provider (Three)

Apply for a Mobile Phone Contract or Sim only deal with Three.
Apply for Mobile Home Broadband with (Three)

Adding reports to your credit report?? LoqBox

Using LoqBox to help build your credit score.

LoqBox is a really great product that increases your credit score by paying LoqBox a minimum of £20 each month for 12 months then after 12 successful payment you get all your paid installments back in a new bank account or even any bank or your choice increasing your credit score and the good news is this doesn't do any credit check as you will not be borrowing any money.

So how does this work to increase my credit score?
Well once you have setup your LoqBox account and made your first monthly payment your account will then get reported to the credit reporting agencies this can take anywhere between 1 or 2 months and will show that you can make your payments on time and will give other lenders an idea of your financial situation when deciding whether to lend to you or not. (You will need to make sure you keep up your minimum payment with LoqBox otherwise this will have a negative effect on your credit report and score.
(this should be your very first step for gaining a better credit.)
If you have previously been declined for a credit card then you should wait atleast 2 months after using logbox before you attempt to apply for a credit card via our Vanquis link as your chance of acceptance will be much higher once you have a record showing that you can pay back on time.


Prepaid Credit Builder Cards:

There are also Prepaid credit builder cards out there you can use to help increase your credit score like Cashplus they give you a Credit building card that comes with a 12 month loan that you repay over 12 monthly payments. cashplus lend you the equivalent of 12 months in account fees (£71.40 with an Activeplus or £119.40 with a Deluxe). They hold these funds for you, so you won't see them in your account and won't be able to spend them. You pay your monthly account fee as normal and they take it as a payment against your Creditbuilder loan, which they then report to the Credit Reference Agencies.
Once you've made all 12 payments on time, you'll have successfully paid off your Creditbuilder loan, which could help improve your credit score.

IMPORTANT: Things to Avoid

BONUS: Things you might already be doing.

Need a Bank Account Heard of Wirex?

So as we can see from above there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to building your credit score by working on your credit history with various options from opening a bank account or getting a credit card, Logbox loan or sim only deal there are numerous options out there to help build up your credit history in a positive way. (Remember your credit score doesn't go up over night) but providing you are making your payments on time you should start to see an increase over time in your credit score.
You can use ClearScore, Exquifax, Experian or TransUnion directly to check your credit score and report. Mr Credit Expert

Simple Steps to Increase Your Credit Score

Follow our simple steps and you'll be on your way to a better credit score in no time.

Electoral Roll

Get on the electoral roll if your not already. This data helps lenders confirm your name and address, so your score will increase as a result.

Open a Credit Card Account

Having a credit card shows to lenders you can make payments and most of all make those payment on time.

Watch your Credit Score Increase

Now you have the basic steps in place you should start to see an improvement to your credit score and also your credit report.


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